Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Yeah! I am done!
I have completed 27 things! I am happy!!
I am expecting my MP3 player. I will play with it!


Reflection on 2.0 program

I am so glad I almost complete this learning 2.0 program. This program really assisted my lifelong learning goals. It is a great education for us. I like to learn new things. When I complete some discoveries, I am so happy and feel so fun. But I need some pressure to learn, like this program processed timely. Otherwise I do not keep time to learn them.

Before I started this program, I just have two email accounts. Now I have created so many accounts, such as my blog, myspace, library thing, flicker, bloglines and YouTube …… My favorite things are myspace, flickr and YouTube. I am going to build up my really personal myspace after I complete 2.0 program. I will post more stuff in myspace with category. I will upload more pictures into flickr, so I can post more pictures to my blog.

I am surprised that I have learned so many popular things in such a short time. I won’t be afraid to help patron with these technology and resources. I am proud of myself now.

I always do my weekly lessons at home. I like to read the comments section, if I need help. It was really helpful. I really appreciate those responses for questions.

I hope KCLS will provide more programs or training like this. This is a great way for staff to keep learning new technologies. So our staff are able to help more for our patrons.

It is a great opportunity for me to learn web 2.0. I am so excited I learned a lot in this program. If there is next similar program, I like to see we will do these lessons slowly. Two or three lessons a week is too fast. That why some staff dropped out this program.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Exploring audio ebooks

This is the first time for me to explore audio Ebooks from KCLS. I went to overdrive catalog before but never search anything really. Today when I was doing my discovering exercise, I found server interesting items that I like to download once I get my mp3 player. I looked over different formats. Besides some good ebooks, I found some new video and classical music. I will download a Chinese video “Addicted” and Piano sonatas No 8, 14 & 23 from Beethoven. I will see how it works.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Today I learned about podcast. I navigated in and listened to some podcasts in Library Channel.

It is a good idea to use podcast to make discussions, announcements, interviews, updated news … We may post some podcasts in our KCLS intranet for our staff or our website for our patrons. I am so interested in a podcast for the ASU library systems helpdesk. It answers questions on computer or internet problems for patrons.

But I feel it boring if I listen a long podcast for 15 minutes. You can not see anything, even a picture. And some audios on podcasts are not good. You can not hear it clearly. I like YouTube better. Because YouTube is a video. It is attractive.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Learning YouTube

I am so excited that l have learned YouTube today. It is new to me. It is so cool.

I think our library can use YouTube as a tool to share with our patron for all the programs. We can make some video clips in our activities and post them with YouTube on our website. So our patrons can see what activities we have had. I believe our patron will be interested.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lists of Web 2.0 services

I discovered some services in the lists of Web 2.0 today. I chosen the Web2.0 Award nominees and played around with “Books”. I took the tour in LuLu. com. It shows people how to publish and sell books, E-books CDs, DVDs ... It is fast, easy and free. I don’t think we use can it for our library, but we can provide this resource for our patron if they need this information.

Then I got into the This is the website for looking and buying used books and out-of –print books. The search function is very similar with our library system: search by author, by title, by keyword or ISBN and it also has advanced search. I think this website our library can use for our patron to buy books on line if we don’t have them in our library catalog. Especially for students need some textbooks or some people need the book that out-of-print. It has good deal to buy discount books or bargain books there. I think people will like it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Google labs

Today I discovered Google labs. It provides a lot of interesting services. I went into some of them.

I found out that Google Reader has same functions and features as search reader – bloglines, which keeps track of your favorite websites, update the news, share with friends. We can use it anywhere for free.

Google Music Trends is a very nice website for music lover. You also can post your feedback and discuss songs on line.

Google Trends analyzes how many searches have been done for the terms you enter relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. It shows you a graph with the results .I am surprised to find out that Google Trends is also available in Chinese.

Most of these services can be used by our librarians for help patron. They are very good information resources. Some are the good resources for personal use such as Google Page Create and Picasa for Linux. I like to try Google Page Create to get my own website.